World book day 2nd March 2017. ROALD DAHL DAY.

OAK Class Roald Dahl Characters

Can you guess who these famous characters are and which Roald Dahl book they are from!

The class winner was Ethan. Well done for a fab BFG costume!

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Oak Class Assembly

Well done Oak class. It was fantastic!!


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Oak Stay and Learn 2016

Oak class enjoyed spending the afternoon with a parent or adult who came to help the. With their learning. It was a great challenge as the children were asked to make a puppet to support our ‘Once upon a time …’ topic. The theme was based around Little Red Riding Hood characters. Well done everyone.


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Mrs Mir’s Science challenge

1. Can you name the 5 food types that make up the Eat well plate?
2. Can you tell me how each of the food types helps us to look after our bodies?
3. Which food types should we eat most of?
4. which food types does vitamins and minerals go into.
5. Which is your favourite food type and why?

Can you list similarities and differences between the Hindu meal plate and the Eat well plate.


eatwell plate


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Science- Healthy Plate

In Science this term our topic is to look at how animals and humans survive through eating and exercising. This week we have been looking at different food types that make up the foods we eat. We had to think about each food type and how it helps our bodies. We have been very busy learning different ways to show these food types. We made our own food plates using dried foods such as rice, pasta and lentils as well as making fruits and veg and meat from tissue paper, designed posters, played on laptops and separated foods into correct sections on a Eat Well plate. We also linked this to our RE topic on Hinduism and thought about the foods they might eat as vegetarians.


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Place Value – I can find the value and partition 2 / 3 / 4 digit numbers

Oak have been busy using place value to calculate. Here are some amazing results. The children are learning to use different maths equipment to help the with their maths learning. This is helping them to work out answers more accurately.

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English- Describing a setting – Woods or Forest

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Oak challenge week 1

Can you name any other traditional tales which have a wolf in them?
Which tale has 3 goats?
Who does snow white meet in the woods?
What time does Cinderella loose her slipper?
Who eats gingerbread man?
Which house is the wolf not able to blow down?
Finish the title ‘Peter and the ——.
Good luck! The winner can choose a price from the Oak goody bag!

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Once upon a time …

We have been busy in Oak class 1st week back. Our topic this term is Once upon a time’. We heard the traditional tale of Little Red Riding Hood. We made masks for the characters in the tale and will be using these to act out the story. Here is a sneak preview.

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Welcome to Oak class 2016


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