The Great Pyramid Challenge

Year 3 Topic this term is Ancient Egypt- Tomb Raiders

We started the topic by finding out where Egypt is on the world map and which Continent it is it. 

We then discussed the key features of Egypt which included the Great Pyramids, River Nile, Mummies, Pharaoh and Tutankhamen.

This week in DT both Year 3 classes were set the challenge of making a 3D model of a Pyramid. Children were first given the design brief:
Children then had to work in pairs to fill in a planning sheet with all the appropriate equipment and measurements:
The children had to make sure they used the correct measurements as a Person and 5 objects would need to fit into the Pyramid. This was a little tricky but some children used Metre sticks to think about the height and width of their Pyramid:
Once the design was completed the children were all taken outside to start building their 3D model of their Pyramids. Ech group had to collect the resources they would need and think about how they would be joining this together:
However, the weather was not on our side (don’t think it has been all week!!) we decided to bring the models inside and carried on with them the following day.
After a short discussion about how far they had got with their original design children had to start thinking about how the pyramid would be joined together; glue, cello-tape or both.
A lot of discussion about what to use was heard as children struggled to keep the structures standing up right and balancing. The next step of the project was to think about the decorating and the outside of the Pyramids:
The final part of the whole challenge was to see if a person would fit inside the Pyramid.Here are the results:

The children will be given the chance to analyse and think about whether their model has met the original challenge and if their design has worked. The final touches will be added next week as well as the 5 objects.
Watch this Space!!

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